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A consortium of Fupre '18 Grads known as Fupre Sceptres, who discuss key topics for the enablement of the Nigerian youth.
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Our drive

Post by Emmanuel » Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:55 am

Rising African Ambassadors' (RAA)  core objective lies in addressing post graduate directionlessness and frustration by harnessing values needed from graduates and dropouts to grow Africa.

Many African graduates and dropouts have amounted to thugs, low life individuals with petty self-esteem. Just A coach, career furtherance guide, networks in areas of interest after they dropped the undergraduate pen could have saved the society and the continent at large of certain avoidable societal mishaps and nuisance.

We have a questionnaire that takes the data of our target demography(graduates and dropouts), this data informs RAA of their areas of interest, weaknesses and strengths. We fill the gaps where necessary. This has become essential since our Tertiary Institutions have refused to evolve and meet the demands of the constantly evolving market and tech revolution.

Private universities are rather exorbitant, Government universities have become highly unaccountable, paddling our ships with no compass and only the extremely determined extract value from it.

We mustn't wait for our governments to effect the needed academic revolution, RAA is contributing its quota to ensure a final check and equipping our target demography before they're launched to the global market and/or decide to further their career(s).
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