Our Goal

A consortium of Fupre '18 Grads known as Fupre Sceptres, who discuss key topics for the enablement of the Nigerian youth.
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Our Goal

Post by Emmanuel » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:53 pm

We are building Africa's largest mentorship platform garnished with biztech toolboxes for dropouts and graduates to achieve employability, career advancement and entrepreneurship.

Our aim is to connect African business partners, co-founders, mentors-members, career colleagues and crown it with access to requisite biz&tech e-toolboxes that increases their competitive advantage and employability index in the global market. This replaces the negative alternative that is mostly taken by graduates and dropouts in the face of frustration and directionlessness. At this point, they're pressurised and high expectations are laid on them from sponsors, family and Society. With the right tools, mentorship and network, they can absorb this pressure and make productive yield.
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