Who and who make up our community?

A consortium of Fupre '18 Grads known as Fupre Sceptres, who discuss key topics for the enablement of the Nigerian youth.
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Who and who make up our community?

Post by Emmanuel » Fri Mar 22, 2019 11:33 pm

Our community is a large community of Africans that are committed to exchange value and collaborate. It's a borderless continent!

These categories of Africans:
1. Graduates
2. Dropouts
3. Mentors
4. Venture capitalists
5. State and country sceptres
6. Our board of advisors
7. NGOs Reps
8. HR and company reps

We hope in two weeks of your membership you find:
1. Business partners
2. Company co-founders
3. Career colleagues
4. Mentors
5. Venture capitalists
6. Industrialists

Become a subscriber to gain the following:
1. Specifics on your areas of interest designed in biztech toolboxes
2. One on one meet-up with toolbox designers
3. Mentor matchmaking
4. Access our games designed to test the skill obtained
5. Unlock all paid packages after 2 years of consistent subscription
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