Meet our Sponsors and Partners

A consortium of Fupre '18 Grads known as Fupre Sceptres, who discuss key topics for the enablement of the Nigerian youth.
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Meet our Sponsors and Partners

Post by Emmanuel » Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:56 am

Contact us:
Call: +2347034930975

At the moment, we are only partnering with:
1. five Student Union Government for data collection.
2. for uploading our trainings to increase our visibility.
3. We hope to partner with other edutech companies, Job recruiters, Scholarship firms etc.

At the moment we have no sponsor and we are very open to sponsors who believe in our idea to increase the human capacity index of Africans.

We are open to equity investors who have passion for African development, we have a sustainable revenue model which is made known to interested investors. However, we aren't a huge profit making organisation.

We currently have a membership strength of 310 who are beneficiaries of our virtual trainings,  we are constrained financially to enlarge our base. We hope to penetrate seven African nations in two years time.

We currently have no subscriber, we are financially constrained to build a website that captures our designed features. We have however, done a survey on a focus group in Delta and the statistics shows that 81.2% are ready for our launch.
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